Monthly Archives: January 2010

New Virtualization Server

A co-worker and myself have both purchased identical entry level servers from Dell, Inc. to start testing virtualization.

Here are the specs of the Dell PowerEdge T110:

  • CPU: Intel Xeon X3440 2.53 GHz Hyper Threading 8M Cache
  • Memory: 4GB (2x2GB) 1333 MHz Dual Ranked UDIMM
  • Hard Drive: 250GB 7.2K SATA 3.5″
  • Optical Drive: 16x DVD-ROM SATA
  • Warranty: 1 Year, Hardware

Overall, this should be sufficient to test and experiment with virtualization technology, including live migration.


Ok, here’s the scoop. I now plan to keep this site updated as much as possible. I would like to start off by reposting some relevant news articles to get things going. Although the main topic I would like to start with is virtualization. Stay tuned!